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It's because of a lack of courage to shovel heavy snow in Canada to go to the cellar, that Franck asked his brother Gregory to help him. Franck electronic engineer and Grégory software designer they started the first prototypes to monitor temperature and humidity.

The real challenge was to control the climate of the basement in Montreal to reproduce the theoretical conditions of a cellar in Burgundy, they finaly achieved this extraordinary dream. They realized they had to hack the natural behavior of the earth and it could probably change the wine world.

Researchers, oenologists, winemakers and sommeliers were then consolidated the two brothers innovation that would revolutionize wine storage to the experience of consumption but especially help a supernatural way to fight climate change and the global warming.

Praised rapidly around the world from New Zealand to San Francisco, they make a high quality product entirely in Canada supported by the best engineers and leaders in the wine industry. In fact anywhere that requires a climate (temperature and humidity) can be controlled naturally and dynamically and they are already helping another industry like fine salt-cured meat.


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